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Services / Construction

Choosing and buying a new home from Oasis Homes are just the first steps in a detailed process we work hard to make pleasant and stress-free for our customers. We like to say we take care of you from the time you fill out your loan application until you plant the first petunias in your flower bed.

Once you've chosen your home and lot, we will serve as your "general contractor" to complete the site work and foundation, plumbing and electrical hookups, heating and air installation and carpentry button-up. Our skilled craftsmen can build decks, porches, garages and bonus rooms. We can even sod your lawn, install sprinkler systems and plant your shrubs. Our services are scaled to fit your needs.

Our construction department is staffed with skilled professionals with extensive experience in modular construction. You will find our staff knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Our employees and sub-contractors are licensed and insured and we carry all the necessary coverage to protect your home, your property and those working on it.

The homes we sell are computer engineered to meet all national, state and local building standards. With hundreds of plans to choose from among our four manufacturers, the design of your "dream home" is limited only by your imagination.

Our quality construction is unmatched and unrivaled by ANY traditional site built contractor. Among the services we offer are:

  • Site inspection/consultation
  • Site preparation, grading, clearing
  • Foundation (built to code) to include footings, rebar, treated sill plate and termite treatment
  • Brick or split face underpinning (double wides and on frame modulars)
  • Sand and rock wells, septic tanks, electrical hook ups
  • Site built garages
  • Site built porches, decks, screened in porches
  • Finished bonus rooms
  • Homeowner's insurance

Our homes are all built to the same stringent site-built building codes and considered to be the same in the zoning and financing processes. Your new home can be completed much quicker because it is built in a controlled environment where materials are protected from the elements and the construction process continues year round, regardless of weather.

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